Devolution of Power EP

by Method of Proof

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released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Method of Proof Germany

5 member hardcore band from East-Germany

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Track Name: Broken Spine
My friends think that I'm cold as ice
If they only knew I'm actually dying inside
I hide my scars
No one should know my harm

Everyone is thinking that I'm fucking cold as ice
I am the only one to know how many times I died
'Cause I keep it all inside
Bottled up in the depth of my mind

Will I ever get rid of this weight on my fucking chest
Will I ever learn to catch my fucking breath all alone

I don't need no one to cheer me up when I'm down
I will live this life all alone

I live my life with a broken spine
Track Name: Corrupted Minds
If it's true what they say, that life is a fucking gift
Why did I already lose my will to live?
I just can't bear the weight

My head's so fucked I am far from being determined
And I can't do anything but getting lost in my own mind
It feels like nothing's ever going to change and I'm oppressed
I've got to deal with it

Corrupted minds
Infiltrated souls
I can't find anything that would be worth to stand for anymore

And truth been told I lost my faith in the human kind
Nothing and no one can deny the signs of time
No reform of constitution, no revolution,
will ever pick up the pieces we left of this shattered world

We are fucked
Track Name: Far Too Long
I said goodbye once again
As I wrote these lines of sorrow and regret
But this time no tear dropped as I dropped the pen
This time I know it's forever
It has got to end

'Cause far too long we had clung to each other
I stoked everything on one fucking card
I was in fear you had love for an other
But there's no love within your heart

And it took me far too long to realize
Every promise that we made was built on lies
I'm ashamed but I can't make friends with what I fucking despise

The words of love have now turned into hate
And to the silence you kept, I can't relate

You always knew it but now I know it too
I am better off without you
Track Name: Hate Inside
I keep so much hate
Inside of my weak fucking soul
Hiding it in the back of my mind
Away from the world that I know
And it's burning forever
I'm not sure if I can cope
With this hurt any longer
I know it's getting worse

I won't know mercy
And I won't remember what is right
'Cause there is a beast
Staring out through green eyes
With this red veil before my eyes
I swear, I'm losing sight

All this greed all this hypocrisy
Is probably just bringing out the worst in me
I'm scared to death 'cause I know when I lose control
The beast I try so hard to hide will take over my soul

The hate Inside, it swallows me whole
I'm losing control