by Method of Proof

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released October 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Method of Proof Germany

5 member hardcore band from East-Germany

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Track Name: Intro (Virus)
Your hearts are fucking cold
Your tongues are split and torn
Your lips are ripped and sore from all the lies that you told
I hate the kind of my own

Only hate for humanity
Only hate for the human race
Track Name: Death Before Birth
For years I’ve been trapped in the same old cage
Forced to see the world trough these bars everyday
With my hands tied I have to watch this planet decay
But no one hears my cries, nor they see
They don’t fucking see at all
The only decision that's been given to me
Is to choose between life and death
No god can take this right away,
I will cut the cause of my pain right out of my chest
No one fucking cares at all
I’ve been dead before I was born, ‘cause I’m too weak for this loveless world
Every step, every minute it takes to survive takes me more and more away
From the path that has been laid out before me
And the positivity which I’ve been told to keep
But it’s so hard to eat the things that you are fed when you realize that it’s nothing but shit
Death before birth
I've been dead before I was born
Track Name: Truthseeker
I´d prefer hundreds of real enemies to you fairweather friends, you backstabbers.
Your fake smiles won´t last too long.
When it´s time to throw the masks away, you are all gone.
You´re nothing more than an empty shell You mean nothing to me
You´re more worse than a real enemy.
And if you come my way you better back off and plan your fucking escape.
I´m craving for words, not spoken by twisted tongues.
Somebody who´s just real to me and protects me from all the lies.
Track Name: Reaper's Grip
The hounds of hell are barking at my door,
Ready to drag me into purgatory
The gates of hell have opened to receive my soul
The reaper grabs my hands but I have no worries
I ain't afraid to die

Life is pain and death is salvation
An unnatural desire anchored deeply in my brain
Life is pain and I'm just hoping,
For the blood to stop running through my veins

To let it all happen again
There's no breaking out
Out of this endless cycle
Out of this downward spiral
The endless cycle of death and birth

The hounds of hell are barking at my door
The bells of hell are ringing loud and sore
But I have no worries
I ain't afraid to die
Are you afraid to?